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About Us

Our Experience

We are a highly motivated and dedicated team that we have have all mastered the art of e-Commerce covering every aspect of it. Each member of the team has become an expert to his field, some in logistics, some in product sourcing, others in customer care, in VAT/ Tax, in accounting, in webstore setup and so on.

We are all bind together and we offer a full strategic solution to companies that would like to start building their online presence and see their sales climbing day by day. We can provide our expertise and be next to you at every single step that you take towards success.

Our Story

We have not met on a sunny day here in Cyprus all together and decided to form up a company that offer these eCommerce services. Nor we new each other beforehand. This is our strongest card; that is what made us what we are today.

We came together through the business daily life, as each one of us started its career in a complete different field. What makes us strong is that we have a common passion: perfect e-commerce!

Do drop us a line if you would like a solid team to walk with you in this limitless journey!